About Us

Pronounced as /kook-ee-jar/
Kookizare is an affordable handmade accessories store catered to edgy humans to pursue their inner wild child, based in Singapore.

The owner and designer of Kookizare has been obsessed with accessory making since young. Meddling with beads, stones and other accessory findings that her mother occassionally purchased for her, she handmade her first few pieces for the ladies in her family to wear. Fast foward years ahead, Kookizare was born.

Made with passion and love, Kookizare uses unique charms and hand painted stones to create bold handmade accessories.
Kookizare's unique handmade resin accesories features real dried flowers, preserving nature in it's beautiful form.

We ship worldwide!
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Holler At Us: kookizare@gmail.com