What currency are your prices in?

What are the available payment methods?
1. Paypal

With a debit/credit card, you can use PayPal's services without having to sign up for an account. Simply click "checkout with PayPal" and enter your card details. 

2. Local Internet Banking/ATM Bank Transfer

Only for Singapore citizens. Payment has to be made, with proof sent to via email within 24 hours from the issue of the order invoice, or your order will be cancelled. 

Why am I being charged for tax?
Paypal charges a small transaction fee for their services. The tax covers the charges, thus you are essentially paying Paypal. This tax charge is applicable to all payment methods.

Can I cancel my order? 

Unfortunately, no. Once the order has been placed and payment made, no refunds will be given. This is unless you have either been shipped the wrong item or the item has been defaced, both of which hardly ever happens.