Vessel, circle and charm necklaces all come with a black leather cord of 16 inches.
Necklaces under the category "Chapters" come with either a black leather cord of 18 inches or a silver chain of 30 inches.

Cuffs are all 6 centimetres in diameter, adjustable with a squeeze and pull.

Use measuring tape or string to measure the length by wrapping around just below your wrist bone. Increase your length if you'd like the bracelet to be looser. Determine your bracelet size with the following:

Extra Small (XS) - 14 to 15 centimetres
Small (S) - 15 to 16.5 centimetres
Medium (M) - 16.5 to 17.5 centimetres
Large (L) - 17.5 to 19 centimetres

If you require a bigger/smaller size, let us know the circumference of your wrist in the "order notes" box, which can be found at your cart upon checkout.